Penge in Bloom 2018

Penge in Bloom 2018


Penge in Bloom 2018

Penge in Bloom 2018 is a free competition, for residents, business and community areas. We encourage all those who love to garden to turn our town into a blooming success.

There are awards for the winners and an opportunity to enter the Bromley in Bloom competition. Judging will take place in June/July so now is the time to start planning your areas for planting or sowing seeds.

Last year’s Inspirational Garden, Eleanor Johnson’s Sunflower Project is part of the event and your photos and measurements can be updated on our Facebook group, once the event has commenced.

Entry forms and further information will be available in due course but for planning purposes the categories are as below:

Resident Categories
1 – Best front garden
2 – Best back garden
3 – Most striking display pots, trough or hanging baskets
4 – Tallest sunflower
5 – Most inspirational gardener

Commercial Categories
6 – Best commercial planted pots, trough or hanging baskets
7 – Most attractive shop or business front
8 – Most sunflowers in a commercial garden

Community Categories
9 – Most Environmentally friendly project, garden, or plot
10 – Most Interesting Residential/Community Are


4 thoughts on “Penge in Bloom 2018”

  1. Interested in entering `best back garden`. Could you please let me know when entry forms will be available. regards Linda Crush

  2. Still waiting for my Penge in Bloom entry form to be sent to me after requesting it by email.

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